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Ranking & Matchmaking service for tabletop wargamming, built with Mythicos Game Studio.

Leveing Up The Play Field

Evotable is a ranking and matchmaking service for tabletop gaming, serving multiple systems, tournament organization, in-store table booking, and real-time score tracking.


My Role: Primary Programmer (Full Stack), User Researcher
The Stack: AWS & Serverless-Stack, DynamoDB, Lambda, WebSockets, React

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Verizon Explorer Lab

A magic school bus that takes students in low-income schools to Mars, to get excited about careers in STEM. Build for Verizon Innovative Learning at IDEO.

Rescuing Curiosity

Verizon Innovative Learning asked us to design an experience to get middle school students in low-income areas excited about careers in STEM. The result was a “field trip to Mars that comes to your school”, a magic school bus on which NASA asks students for help in recovering the lost rover Curiosity (plus some poetic justic in recovering Curiosity).

Today, the Explorer Lab is being run by MDBio, a non-profit in Maryland operating drop-anywhere labs for schools. The Explorer Lab has taken thousands of students on missions to Mars all over the country (even the SuperBowl).


My Role: Primary Game Designer, Programmer, and eventually, bus mechanic at West Coast Customs
The Stack: PC + Tablet, Unity, C#, A Bus

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A 5-story tall Burning Man sculpture by Foldhaus Artist Collective

You Just Gotta See It

Radialumia is a five story tall sphere, covered in undulating origami flowers and over 60,000 leds that the artist collective Foldhaus brought to the Playa in 2018.


My Role: Animation & Infrastructure Programmer
The Stack: C, WS2812 LEDs, PixLites


Custom spatial animation software for LED scultpures.

Lumenarium is a piece of software I wrote from scratch to make animating 3d LED sculptures easier for teams I am a part of. The software is written from scratch in C and runs on Windows, MacOS, Raspberry Pi, and WebAssembly.


My Role: Sole Programmer
The Stack: C

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Cultural Fan Fiction

Interactive digital magazine at the intersection of fantasy and pop culture, built at PSJR for Complementary Colors.

Real World Fan Fic

PSJR's inaugural project, Cultural Fan Fiction was a built at the request of Complementary Colors. We conceptualized, branded, built, and operated the site, stewarding its use through launch.

The site's crazy cube-nav came through experimentation and the thought "Are you just reading the fan fic? Or are you IN the fan fic?"


My Role: Primary Programmer (Full Stack)
The Stack: HTML/CSS, Apache


Game Jams

Making games quickly, for practice.

I’ve participated in a number of game jams over the years – some on trains, some at schools, and some self imposed. Where I still have the files, or the files are still hosted, they are linked below.


I am the Partner of Technology at PSJR, a creative design agency I helped found, and the Director of Technology at Evotable.

It’s kind of hard to sum up what I do – I make games primarily, but anyone who’s made games will tell you its no small task; an average day for me includes research interviews, programming, and drawing. I work with small, nimble teams to solve a variety of problems, and I can often be found working at a strategic level for clients from Mattel & Fanhouse to Ford & Sony Interactive Entertainment.

I’ve also spent time at RISD and IDEO’s Play Lab where I founded the game design discipline. Work I have contributed to has been shown at Burning Man, the Smithsonian Renwick Gallery, the Cincinnati Art Museum, and the Oakland Museum of California.

Work History

  • Partner, Technology - PSJR – 2020 to present
  • Tech Directory – – 2021 to present
  • Game Design Lead – IDEO Play Lab – 2016 to 2021
  • Programmer, Procedural Animator – Foldhaus – 2018 to 2021
  • Game Design Instructor, Counsellor – Emagination Camps – 2015


  • Languages: – C, C++, C#, Javascript, React
    I prefer getting close to the metal, and am happiest working in C, but am skilled and comfortable working in C#, React, & Javascript. Regardless of programming environment, I'm a big believer in the Handmade Philosophy.
  • Game Engines: For games, I've used Unity and Unreal, and have also rolled my own engines.
  • Web Backend: On the backend web side of things, I've done extensive work with AWS systems including DynamoDB, Lambda, SES, SNS, and Serverless




I might not be who you’re looking for – that’s ok! Here’s some folks I’ve enjoyed working with in the past (consider this an implicit endorsement, they all rock!). Maybe the person you’re looking for is in here somewhere!

Jonathan Rinker | Kaley Kunzelman | Kate Schnippering | Timothy Plummer | Ridima Ramesh | Tanya Harrison | Andrew Stewart | Felicia Chiao